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What to expect when you arrive at Volvo Cars Chattanooga

Customer parking is in front of our building, is clearly marked and easy to find. Come on inside. The receptionist desk is straight ahead. Long of Chattanooga has been in business for over 40 years and has many experienced, friendly, and long term employees. When you arrive one of our product specialists will greet you at the door and welcome you to our dealership with a handshake and a smile. Then, depending on your preference, they will take you straight to our automobiles or, if you have a moment, they will take you on a tour of our facility. Walk thru our service department, it's clean and airy; perhaps you will enjoy a fruit juice or coffee and freshly baked cookie available all the time to all of our customers. Our people are our greatest asset and we would like for you to meet a couple of them as you walk around.

Whether you take the tour or right away start talking cars, we will be asking what options and equipment are most important to you so that we can find the right car that fits your needs. After selecting the correct car we would love for you to drive it, just to show you just how great and smooth our cars perform. Once back from the test drive we will be more than happy to work up a price or payment that fits your budget so that you will be comfortable and happy knowing that not only did you find a car that fits your lifestyle but also fits your budget. Once done you will meet one of our business managers who knows just how important and big a decision this is for you and will help you through signing all the correct documentation and tell you about some products that might also interest you. Then you'll be introduced to some of our service advisors, many of whom have decades of Volvo experience and time with us.

Next comes the most exciting part, you take delivery of your new Volvo. While you were finishing paper work, our product specialist had your car filled with fuel and detailed so that it will be shining like it just came off the factory line, ready to go. Your product specialist will then go over all the features of the car again and help pair your phone, set your memory seats and garage door openers if needed.

Now you are ready to go. We hope you enjoyed your car purchasing experience. You will be hearing from us shortly after to verify that you are elated with your new vehicle and to review with you any of the awesome features that come on our cars. Also, we would very much like to invite you to become a member of our elite customer community. Your specialists should have given you, your password and log-in to your own special vehicle profile. From there you can communicate directly with any of us and you can also see your special coupons. By the way this is all mobile compliant. So, welcome to Long Family of employees and clients.